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Virus in android phone. Need help to remove

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Hi All!

Today I got big problem with my phone. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with android 6.x. I do not know how and why sometime my phone auto open Internet Browser and access to random blogs which I never know before.

It happens 4 to 5 times a day. I tried resetting the phone to factory settings but it didn't solve the problem. Anybody can please tell me how to remove virus of my phone?


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Hello @davidradio

If resetting to factory settings does not help, then your phone-number is subscribed to receive news from these sites or from a rotator site that scrolls these blogs in random order. It is easy to check, if you rearrange the SIM on another phone of the same generation and type.

You can unsubscribe yourself if you select the settings icon next to the notification received.

2699-2.png.89208b409ad87fef9a04af7747aeb863.png 2700-2.png.177d6fe7cd983f3ab7bd844e541c7a97.png Icons may be different on your device.

If this does not help, then you need to contact the technical support of the provider (service provider of phone and Internet connection), so they reset the subscription.

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As a secondary variant... If you removed the memory card before resetting smartphone to the factory settings, then the program module responsible for these subscriptions or a trojan returning subscription usage after inserting the memory card into the phone could remain in it. If you do not use a memory card, then return to my first variant.

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