CLOSED On and Off switches

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Because you screenshotted the middle part of the display?  Layout is

  Firewall (windows)                  <switch>         Last update: (longago>                       <update now>
 Network lockdown                   <switch>         Your licence ends in:  <when>           <View details>

so there's two columns on each line; each tells you something then perhaps lets you affect it.    It might be better laid out as:

  Firewall (windows)    <switch>                      Last update: (longago>                <update now>
 Network lockdown     <switch>                      Your licence ends in:  <when>     <View details>


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I'm sure Emsisoft would say there's two columns, and each one has a left-justified piece of text and a right-justified clickable thing.  

It's unfortunate that the rh part of the left column is next to the lh part of the right column.    It'd be better if there was a wider gutter between the columns.

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30 minutes ago, Frank H said:

Those buttons are right aligned with the tile above them.


But scan and clean has nothing to do with network lockdown and firewall.

Are you saying that the on/off buttons are where the are purely to be in line with the tile above them ?

Surely the position of the on/off buttons should be placed to relate to the network lockdown and firewall and not anything else.

After all, the GUI is not there just to look pretty and have the squares matching.

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