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30 minutes ago, JeremyNicoll said:

I think it's because the actual .exe's that form it all have names starting with "s", eg sbase.exe, scalc.exe...

That's true Jeremy.

I should have phrased it better.

Why doesn't it show as LibreOffice when that's how the taskmanager sees it.

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Here (albeit using the Portable Apps version of LibreOffice), I do see "LibreOffice" in the Description column in BB, but the .exe name in the Process column.   If I type   libre    in teh search field BB does show me all the relevant entries.

Task manager's "Processes" tab (on W8.1 anyway) distinguishes between "Process" which is BB's Description, and "Process name" which is the name of the .exe.  In the "Details" tab the column names work differently with "Name" being the .exe and "Description".   

(I hardly ever use TM, preferring Process Hacker.)

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I suppose also, anyone concerned with viewing/changing BB rules ultimately has to know what the actual .exe's name is (and where it runs from).  You'll also be aware (from TM) that multipe simultaneously running programs can have the same Description name, but (of course) different .exe names.  


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