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Client shown as offline


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Just installed EEC on 12 clients so far and noted that one client drops off frequently and is shown as offline.  It seems on the pc protection is shown but from the cloud console I cannot scan or feel protected.  

I assume the status should remain protected even if the pc has windows log screen  and should be available for scanning ?  Under what conditions will I not be able to access the work space other than the pc is turned off?


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I also noticed that the update seems inconsistent - I have set up two devices as relay stations but looking at the cloud console I cannot work out under which conditions the workspaces call either the relay station or the cloud to update their definitions.  Even though the stations are active/live during the same hours, some have last updated 14 hours ago, some 15 hours, some 21 hours.  How often do they normally try to update?  Also interesting to see that one workspace that is actually set up as relay station and is on all the time updated only 1 day ago and I think at that time I forced the update manually.

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Excuse me for the delayed reply, you posted in the wrong section.

Emsisoft Enterprise Console is different/separate product.

Emsisoft Cloud Console threads should be posted in the Emsisoft Anti-Malware section, as both product are tightly connected with each other.

Regarding your questions:

A workspace is a customer environment in Emsisoft Cloud Console.

As soon as the Windows login screen shows-up. waiting for password, EAM will already connect to the workspace.

A traffic relay is one EAM instance that act as tunnel to ECC and the Emsisoft update-servers. you can setup one traffic relay per policy group.
You define traffic relays per workspace.

You can assign any traffic relay to any policy group. I wonder why you setup 2 traffic relays ?

When you assign a Traffic relay to a policy group, it will be pushed to all devices in this group. All devices then will connect to the traffic relay and connect to ECC though the Traffic relay.

Program updates and signatures will be cached locally on the traffic relay device.

EAM has a default update interval of one hour.

An update is initiated by every single EAM. Traffic relay will connect to our update servers and get the required files. The next EAM that requires the same files, will get the locally cached ones from the traffic relay.


I hope this helps


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