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Policies and Password


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Just trying to find my way in the cloud console and while most of it is intuitive, there are some areas where a bit more info would be helpful. 

The helpfile seems to be quite generic and does not address all options,  how does the password feature under policy settings interact with the permissions settings.

I set permissions as to users via permissions settings - do I still need to set a password to prevent normal/inexperienced users to make changes to the settings or this covered by read-only in permissions settings ?

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Excuse me for the delayed reply, you posted in the wrong section.

Emsisoft Enterprise Console is different/separate product.

Emsisoft Cloud Console threads should be posted in the Emsisoft Anti-Malware section, as both product are tightly connected with each other.


Regarding your question:

The password feature only needs to be activated when you want to limit permissions for local administrator users, as Emsisoft Anti-Malware  gives full access to local admins by default..

When you revoke permissions for regular windows accounts, there is not need to set the password.

When you want to limit local administrators to get access to settings, you have to set the password AND assign other than 'Full access'  permissions


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