EEK Scans Causing Excessive Heat and CPU Use

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Hello. First Thank You for providing this valuable Free anti-malware program. I have used it for many years and recommended it to many people. I appreciate this very much!

Recently when running full system scans with EEK my temperatures begin to climb and continue to do so up into dangerous regions. This is across multiple desktops I use. We are talking Lenovo I7 6700K with 32gb DDR4 ram, Ryzen 7 2700X with 32gb of DDR4 ram, Ryzen 5 1600 with 16gb of DDR4 ram as well as several much older dual and quadcore Intel and AMD based systems.

This is a new problem. It even causes blackscreens during scans on my Ryzen 2700x system that requires hard reboot to recover. I can/have run as many as 6 other free AV scans plus several instances of Unigen Valley Benchmark on these systems simultaneously as stress tests with nowhere near the Heat and CPU usage problems caused by a solitary scan with EEK. The heat levels caused across multiple machines reaches dangerous levels during full system scan. This happens when running the scan at default settings other than choosing to scan my entire system drive.

I hope at some point you are able to correct this so I can resume using EEK. For now I have uninstalled it from most of my systems. Uninstalling was also aggravating due to the well known epp.sys file problem. I had to work at it and finally use SuperAntispyware Super Delete to get rid of the final file (epp.sys) that I could not delete through traditional methods.

Finally, Thank You again for the many years of help you have provided to me, my family, and my friends. It is Truly appreciated.



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Have you tried changing the performance impact in the scanner settings?

To get to the scanner settings, open EEK, click on the Scan tile, and click on the Scanner settings button in the lower-right. If you change it to scan with reduced priority, then it shouldn't drive your CPU temperatures up as high (especially on processors that have 4 or more cores).

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