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That is more than likely a variant of the STOP/Djvu ransomware. You may verify that using ID Ransomware if you'd like to:


Important: STOP/Djvu now installs the Azorult trojan as well, which allows it to steal passwords. It is imperative that you change all passwords (for your computer and for online services you use) once your computer is clean.


Also note: While most ransomwares will automatically delete themselves after they finish encrypting files, some are now leaving behind components on computers they infect that will encrypt any new files saved and will encrypt any files you manage to decrypt. It's best to check and make sure that no such components have been left behind, so I recommend following the instructions at the link below to get us logs from FRST so that one of our experts can make sure there is nothing malicious still on your computer (please attach the log files FRST saves to a reply to this topic on the forums):

Note: If anything that appears suspicious is found in your logs, then your post will be moved into a new topic to facilitate better communication between you and whoever is assisting you. We'll also try to make sure that you are following the new topic so that you receive e-mail notifications when someone replies to it.

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9 hours ago, Mehdi said:

 .karl ransomware . I need to decrypt my files. can anyone suggest me the way to recover my data.

In most cases, with that variant of STOP/Djvu, it's not going to be possible. If you're lucky enough that the ransomware couldn't contact its command and control servers then there's a possibility, however there are no guarantees.

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1 minute ago, Mehdi said:

Check this, and give me solution please 

_readme.txt 1.09 kB · 0 downloads

That ransom note has an online ID in it, meaning that the ransomware was able to connect to its command and control servers and get a random encryption key. This means that decryption will not be possible.

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