PENDING Beta 9753 - focus changes

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yes, it's still happening, and has been ever since it was first reported in March - I see it happen every day and have done for months - it certainly hasn't stopped and resurfaced again, but has been a constant annoyance, at least for me (win10 64)

I notice that Frank said they would look at it, but that it was low priority - I guess it's a lower priority than we had hoped

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it happens, always, if I leave the pc unattended for a while (ie. don't switch windows or click on anything), then when EAM updates the notification slider appears, then as soon as the slider dismisses itself, the focus changes to a different open window

it doesn't happen if I'm actively using the pc (clicking on things, scrolling, typing, etc) so it seems to be related to a period of inactivity as far as I can tell - I just left my pc unattended for 14 minutes and watched what happened and as soon as EAM updated and the slider dismissed itself, the window focus changed again

I'm wondering whether the problem didn't actually go away for you, but rather you hadn't left it unattended recently ?


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Interesting.  Mostly - as I have the max display time for the slider set to 999 seconds - it's visible.  It's rare for the slider to dismiss itself.   Usually I click the X on it, and focus shifts.   But (at the moment) focus isn't changing absolutely every time I click on the X... but often enough for me to notice that focus just changed .... again.    I've not yet worked out if there's a pattern to the behaviour.

I'm not well, almost always in bed, and the laptop is on a table-thing above the bed.   If an update happens while I'm elsewhere - eg loo, kitchen - and dismisses itself, I probably wouldn't notice whether the focus had changed because by the time I return to bed, I'm unlikely to care about which program I was using earlier.   But if I'm actually actively using a specific program and the slider pops out and I dismiss it and some other program's window pops to the front, I definitely notice that.

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