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On 10/13/2019 at 10:06 AM, Kyaw Soe Win said:

My PC is encrypted by ransomware and all my photos, videos, photoshop files and coreldraw files changed .reco extension. I already terminated virus but the infection is remaining. Can I get the solution to decrypt my files?

My PC also getting infected by this same .reco extension just before... did u get any solution? pls share if any

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14 hours ago, Arivu87 said:

did u get any solution? pls share if any

There's currently no solution, however if you were lucky enough for your files to have been encrypted by an offline key then once the decrypter Amigo-A linked to is updated for .reco then you might be able to recover your files.

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In newer versions, the number of characters in the identifier may be the same for 'online' and 'offline' encrypted files. But at the end should be t1
But nothing prevents the extortionists from changing something so that it does not correspond to what we know. A lot of time has already passed to do this. 

There are no good news, so new versions may remain not decrypted.'

We can not influence this in any way. Also, you will not find anything better than those decrypters, because the extortionists has changed the encryption process for the better for them.

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sorry for my english, i use google tranlate.
I have read a number of them here, but I realize that nothing has been found yet to unlock my .reco files.
i have a complete hard drive with files i need and need to unlock. Do we have any news on whether we will ever find the key?
Thanks in advance
Andreas Kostopoulos

my email ***email address removed to avoid spamming.


i add a encrypted file and the readme file

Βιογραφικό.doc.reco _readme.txt

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11 hours ago, smand said:

Do we have any news on whether we will ever find the key?

Your ID is an online ID, so we won't be able to decrypt your files even if we find the private key for offline ID's. If law enforcement is able to gain access to the servers operated by the criminals and release their database of keys for use in decryption tools, then we'll be able to add those to our decryption service, however until something like that happens there won't be anything we can do for your files.

Μετάφραση από την Google:
Το αναγνωριστικό σας είναι ένα αναγνωριστικό ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου, επομένως δεν θα μπορέσουμε να αποκρυπτογραφήσουμε τα αρχεία σας, ακόμη και αν βρούμε το ιδιωτικό κλειδί για τα αναγνωριστικά εκτός σύνδεσης. Εάν η επιβολή του νόμου είναι σε θέση να αποκτήσει πρόσβαση στους διακομιστές που λειτουργούν από τους εγκληματίες και να απελευθερώσει την βάση δεδομένων τους με κλειδιά για χρήση στα εργαλεία αποκρυπτογράφησης, τότε θα μπορέσουμε να τα προσθέσουμε στην υπηρεσία αποκρυπτογράφησης, ωστόσο μέχρι να συμβεί κάτι τέτοιο, t είναι οτιδήποτε μπορούμε να κάνουμε για τα αρχεία σας.

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