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ID Ransomware's detection of Cry36 is pretty good, and considering the sample bytes and extension match exactly I'd say the detection was accurate.

Note that ID Ransomware is also correct when it says that there is no known way to decrypt your files.

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CryptON - this was the first name in the identification database 'ID Ransomware' before the appearance of Cry128, Cry9, Cry36.
It was used to identify some variants from the X3M + Nemesis family.
Later, were left in 'ID Ransomware' only Cry128, Cry9, Cry36, although the extortionists themselves several times reported on the real used names X3M, Nemesis, CryptON, about their tasks and goals.

The affected users informed me of some successful decryption of individual Cry36 variants using the KL tool

But many Cry36 variants have remained not be decrypted.

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