.coot ransomware

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my files was encrypted by .coot ransomware and i tried to use emsisoft stop djvu decryptor but it keep showing me this;
File: C:\Users\IAEA2\Desktop\New folder\IMG_3099.JPG.coot.jpg
Error: Access to the path 'C:\Users\IAEA2\Desktop\New folder\IMG_3099.JPG.coot' is denied.

please help

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Access denied means that the decrypter wasn't allowed to access the file. Either due to file permissions, or some other software on the computer preventing access (Anti-Virus software for instance).

That being said, .coot is from a newer variant of STOP/Djvu, so unless you have an offline ID then the decrypter isn't going to be able to decrypt your files. There's more information at the following link:

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1 hour ago, hkchris said:

My computer also attacked .coot ransomware, but I heard someone can online keys infections

but he need USD 700 sell me tools

Don't buy decryption services from people offering help.

There are some companies (such as Coveware) offering to contact the criminals for you and negotiate lower price, however any source that claims they can decrypt your files even when our decrypter can't is more than likely just trying to scam you out of your money. If any alternative method for decrypting your files does become available, then BleepingComputer will almost certainly report on it, and the STOP Ransomware support topic at BleepingComputer will be updated with the information.

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