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14 hours ago, Ken1943 said:

 Ok, if 2FA can't be gone, I will be. Too bad, been happy with Emsisoft.

It's technically possible for a support representative to turn it off for you, however considering the danger of having it off we normally only do it if someone can't log in to their account due to not being able to receive the 2FA e-mails.

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Negative because I am not young anymore, I was trying to put Emsisoft on a new machine and somehow wound up on my.emsisoft site which confused the hell out of me. Hey when age goes up, brain goes down for some people. Just one more thing I don't want to put up with. Dummies because they put themselves in danger.

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23 hours ago, Ken1943 said:

2FA is for dummies

Two-Factor Authentication is to keep your account from being compromised. Considering the amount of attacks using stolen credentials, we decided to make it mandatory.

You'll see 2FA slowly become mandatory in the near future on other online services as well. Traditional username/password authentication is quickly becoming unsafe, and those who don't start using 2FA are going to see their accounts compromised more and more as time passes.

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