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Don't understand Support's instructions

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Hello! I have recently downloaded the free full trial version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. After running a deep scan, the program quarantined some files for which I have no idea if they are safe to delete. I am very fearful of deleting anything that will damage my operating system, as I am unable to re-install Windows at this time (my Windows install disc is thousands of miles away in storage). So, I submitted the 4 files to Support and have received a response regarding one of them, but I do not understand the instructions. Here is his/her message:


many thanks for the delivered file.

***** Update Required! *****

According to your submitted data, you where using an outdated

version of the software.

Please run an online update and scan your system once again

to see if the file is still detected.

If you need removal help please contact the malware experts in our


Have a nice (malware-free) day!

Your Emsisoft Analysis Team

... So, what does this mean, "please run an online update"? How do I do this? Also, does this mean to update the virus signatures? Those are updating automatically. Also, after I "run an online update", am I supposed to unquarantine (restore) the files in order to "scan your system once again to see if the file is still detected"?! I don't think that would be wise at all! So, as you can tell, I'm new & very unsure how to proceed. (By the way, so far I am really liking the software, and if I receive good support about the malware issues I currently need to get rid of, I will definitely buy a license!) Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers!

P.S. - Just realized this part of the e-mail may be helpful, also (I redacted my personal information)...

[Ticket#201012281080790] Found Generic.Qhost!IK in file: DC2.DAT

Emsi Software GmbH -

Mamoosweg 14, 5303 Thalgau, Austria

Commercial register: FN238178m, VAT-ID: ATU57263749

***** wrote:

product: a2start.exe


** password: virus!

** vdbbuild: 77399

** engine: T3.dll

date/time: 28.12.2010 23:55

** filename: DC2.DAT

original path: C:\RECYCLED

** filename: DC2.DAT

filesize: 6562 byte

** virusname: Generic.Qhost!IK

** signatureId: 2

** md5sum: d66a671a9e91358209774d8543df9cd6

Host: **.***.***.***

Thanks, again!

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Hi elektrikpixie, welcome to the forum

1st, if you don't want Auto-quarantining after the scan then set "Actions on scan end" to "Report" only

Similarly see Guard > File Guard Tab and set the "Default action for detected objects" to Alert.

Those are more safe options and you can investigate Alerts and the content of the Detections List after the scan

All available submission methods are described in Submitting suspected False Positives for analysis

In order to "... run an online update" you can use manual update (see respective button on the main screen) or your update will be performed according to the scheduled auto-update setting (Configuration > Auto-Update Tab

Yes the update brings new Signatures and the new versions of the Software modules when necessary.

Quarantined items are automatically re-scanned after updates if the respective option is set to "Silent" or Manual" ( Configuration > General Tab > Quarantine Re-scan)

Sure you can restore the detected items yourself and then use manual scanning whether Custom Scan or using Shell Extension (Explorer Integration) for the single files

The link in the message you received

If you need removal help please contact the malware experts in our forum:
has to be fixed because this is a correct address of the "Malware Removal help" section

So, if necessary please visit that section and follow the "Start here..." instruction

My regards

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