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Good Afternoon,

 I am attempting to use Commandline scanner to scan multiple drives may it be internal and external. What would the script be for Emsisoft to scan multiple drives? When I attempt to put in /F=(path), it does not scan the external drive. The (path) is where I am trying to tell it to scan the external. 

Thank you

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If you use the following command, then A2CMD will scan the drive you specify ("E:\" in this example):

a2cmd.exe /f=E:\

If you add other parameters (such as /rk, /m, /t, and /pup) it will also scan things on the system drive before it starts scanning the specified drive. If you only want to scan the specified drive, then I recommend not using parameters that would direct the scanner to scan additional things (/a, /n, and /dda would be fine).

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