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DeathRansom Ransomware (.wctc; read_me.txt)

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This is the text file..


??????DEATHRansom ???????
Hello dear friend,
Your files were encrypted!
You have only 12 hours to decrypt it
In case of no answer our team will delete your decryption password
Write back to our e-mail: [email protected]
In your message you have to write:
1. YOU LOCK-ID: 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
2. Time when you have paid 0.1 btc to this bitcoin wallet:
After payment our team will decrypt your files immediatly
Free decryption as guarantee:
1. File must be less than 1MB
2. Only .txt or .lnk files, no databases
3. Only 1 files
How to obtain bitcoin:
The easiest way to buy bitcoins is LocalBitcoins site. You have to register, click 'Buy bitcoins', and select the seller by payment method and price.
Also you can find other places to buy Bitcoins and beginners guide here:
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Hello @akc3416

This is Wacatac or DeathRansom Ransomware

The first version, it seems, did not encrypt the files - several researchers of the first option reported this.
But in newer versions, like your case, the files are already encrypted.

This is a new ransomware and it is being researched.
There is hope for recovering some types of files. But so far there is no evidence to which I can give a link.

Encrypted files and ransom notes need to be saved, it is possible that in the future there will be a decryptor.

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