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My files have been encrypted with .nakw

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5 minutes ago, Balbir said:

Error: Unable to decrypt file with ID: Q7RqEF4N8nKvwoBHwYtuQTUDLjzbK05SJ7TXDvmm

This is a newer variant of STOP/Djvu, and your ID is an online ID, so there is currently no way to decrypt your files. There is more information at the following link:

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On 12/1/2019 at 7:03 AM, Balbir said:

I guess, I need to wait for 4-5 months, might be some solution come up soon.

Keep an eye on BleepingComputer's news feed. They will more than likely report on something such as the criminal's database of private keys being released, which is the only way we're going to be able to decrypt files with online ID's:

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1 hour ago, Balbir said:

When the private keys get released, and I could find online ID(hoping). Then I need to submit that ID to emsisoft to add their database and then I can decrypt?

ID's are assigned to files when they are encrypted, and they can't be changed.

The only way we'll get private keys for decryption is from the criminals. Either security analysts will compromise their server and liberate their database of keys, or law enforcement will catch them and release the database for use in decrypters. With this ransomware, I assume the latter is more likely.

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19 hours ago, Balbir said:

Can it be possible to contact stellar data recovery, is there a way to recover?

Most ransomware will use methods or erasing or overwriting files that doesn't allow them to be recovered. You can try file recover software (I'd recommend something free such as Recuva or one of the others from this list), however I wouldn't expect the odds of this working to be very high. After all, if this were possible in most cases, the criminals would be pretty upset about people getting their files back and would quickly fix it.

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