File encrypted .[[email protected]].crypt

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Infoval (2).exe.[[email protected]].cryptInfoval (2).exe.[[email protected]].cryptHi guys, 
          all my files encrypted by .[[email protected]].crypt extension, and there's HTML file with each folder and drive was encrypted.

Is there any solution?




Don't worry, you can return all your files!
All your files like photos, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key.
The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you.
This software will decrypt all your encrypted files.
To start the recovery process:
  • Register email box to protonmail.com or cock.li (do not waste time sending letters from your standard email address, they will all be blocked).
  • Send a email from your new email address to: [email protected] with your personal ID.
  • In response, we will send you further instructions on decrypting your files.
Your personal ID:
9B AB F0 19 ED 0E BA 77 E8 2C C3 E1 98 DF 44 22
DD 15 D1 1C 26 0F CD 16 87 38 20 45 66 19 0B 1E
E0 F7 25 97 27 60 A6 A7 6D 55 C0 AF 1A CB AA 49
C4 05 54 F0 7A 08 36 E7 FE B2 31 02 C4 87 43 77
62 79 1B 1D 1E 05 9B AD E1 FC 47 8B 2A D6 6C 0A
6E 67 C7 86 70 43 A3 CB 4C 0D 3E 31 79 7A D5 D2
23 61 12 EF FD A5 98 D1 D7 13 25 2D 6E B9 9A 16
F3 08 C6 B5 89 56 20 00 42 88 DE 13 DA 7C 8C 52
A6 D1 EF C2 19 9D 45 55 75 60 24 58 F3 A0 BE 6D
C4 AB 08 E2 15 40 F4 68 57 3C 47 98 9D B0 83 1A
47 34 2E CC BF C7 66 3D BE 4D A5 EE 71 11 E4 1D
61 2A 08 C6 DC 36 57 65 FD D4 82 61 8A 15 76 9C
9F 44 60 36 DE CA 45 6B 07 EF 77 23 E8 67 19 C7
45 B9 C5 75 2B A9 89 E3 48 9A 13 8C 14 40 4C 8E
4D 9B 2A 62 75 62 74 4E F2 B3 CA 1B F3 D6 5C DB
EF 92 48 41 0A 6A 15 71 49 B4 1F 65 0D 97 9C EC
----------------------------- P.S. ----------------------------------
  • It is in your interest to respond as soon as possible to ensure the recovery of your files, because we will not store your decryption keys on our server for a long time.
  • Сheck the folder "Spam" when waiting for an email from us.
  • If we do not respond to your message for more than 48 hours, write to the backup email : [email protected]
  • -----------
  • Q: Did not receive an answer?
  • A: Check the SPAM folder.
  • Q: My spam folder is empty, what should I do?
  • A: Register email box to protonmail.com or cock.li and do the steps above.

how_to_back_files.html Cattura.PNG.[[email protected]].crypt

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Probably, this is GlobeImposter-2, but the service ID Ransomware says this is Maoloa Ransomware. In fact, this is a known confusion, because it is deliberately confused by extortionists to make identification difficult on the service.

For the affected users, it makes no difference, because files, that are encrypted by GlobeImposter and its imposter with name Maoloa Ransomware cannot be decrypted without the key that the extortionists has only. 


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