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I clicked a dodgy link in a text, can phones get viruses?

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Hi there, 


Can mobile phones get viruses like computers? I had a text that said 'OMG cant believe you! Just seen the pic!' with a weblink in it, I thought it was from a friend but I clicked on it and my phone downloaded something then it disappeared and couldn't see any photo. Now I am worried it could be a virus! I have not got an antivirus on my phone, like my laptop. I searched the number on the internet and there was a comment on https://scam-caller.co.uk/ that said it was a scam phone number. Ive got private photos on my phone and I dont want them hacked or anything. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 

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Mobile phones ARE computers, computers one of whose programs pretends to be a (real) phone.   Various companies (including Emsisoft) produce anti-malware/anti-virus programs for mobiles.

You can read a summary of what these various programs can protect you from.  Obviously iOS (Apple) and Android differ, and - as with PCs - there's several versions of each one's OS in use, and of course with Android some manufacturers supply variants on Android (ie not every Android phone is running the same OS).   That means that odd combinations of phone model, version of Android etc may mean there's exploitable loopholes in subsets of phones, even if most are ok.

In theory Apple's phones are more secure, partly because there's only their version of iOS in use, and partly because Apple try to make sure that only reputable apps are available.

You might find it useful to read: https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/mobile-security-review-2019/




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Hi there,


That has actually happened to me several times. Plus I don't always have any mobile security installed on my phones because I don't really see the need for those. The one thing I usually do and I will recommend as well, is for you to backup your files, including your media files to your PC, and then do a factory reset of your phone. If you actually downloaded an unknown file, then check the download section of your file to locate it. Another thing you can do is to install a mobile security app from the app store, which might really help you to flush out the virus, or malware, etc. 

No need to panic. 

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