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Hi, Is there a way of permanently allowing sf.bin, which seems to run shortly after each AV signature update?

sf.bin changes each time, so each time I 'trust' it, that won't count next time.

Is it possible to specify an exclusion- if so, how? by folder or file name?

I'm sure this must have been asked before- I couldn't find it on the old Online Armor forum, although there's a post on Avast's, but not resolved.

(Reports about this vs various firewalls).


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Although you haven't mentioned which operating system you are using, or which flavour and build of OA, I'm wondering if you have excluded Avast in OA exclusions which usually helps?

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You could only exclude \defs sub-Dir in avast folder. It's C:\Program Files\Avast5\defs in my case. I don't know if we get those pop-ups because sf.bin is constantly changing, but i think that directory in which this file is located is also changing with every avast definition updates and this could be a part of the problem too.

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