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I have a question regarding surf protection. From as far as I understood, it intercepts DNS requests using a WFP driver.

What happens if I enable the DNS-over-HTTPS features of Firefox or Chrome (via flag) and how does it influence the capabilities of surf protection? Wouldn't making secure DNS requests "tunnel" Emsisofts WFP driver because it doesn't do any man-in-the-middle attack to look into encrypted traffic?

However, I already tried out DNS-over-HTTPS using Cloudflare DNS and their status page indeed confirmed that I was using DoH. But when I tried surfing "phishingtest.emsisoft.com", EAM instantly blocked the connection.

So obviously DoH does not bypass EAM, but then my question would be: How is that possible? How does Emsisoft know that the browser wants to resolve "phishingtest.emsisoft.com" when the browser is sending an encrypted DNS request via HTTPS to Cloudflare?

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