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BBC Feature Story About Fabian Wosar

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OOPS  Sorry this is an old story from March, 2019 that was re-posted on Today's BBC News Website


"Hated and hunted

The perilous life of the computer virus cracker making powerful enemies online...

...He’s a man who has devoted himself, at huge personal cost, to helping victims of ransomware around the world. A man who guards his privacy dearly to protect himself, because for every message of gratitude he receives, almost as many messages of abuse come at him from the cyber criminals who hate him.

In fact, they hate him so much that they leave him angry threats buried deep inside the code of their own viruses..."



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Yeah, anyone who doesn't keep a low profile while doing stuff like that tends to draw unwanted attention to themselves. Sadly that does kind of make collaboration more difficult, and forces malware analysts to stick to private communication with others they already know in the industry, or into using anonymous means of communicating publicly.

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