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Emsisoft registry key intact after uninstallation

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I uninstalled Emsisoft with the default uninstaller recently but today I noticed that a Emsisoft registry key for Windows Security Center is still present. I'm unable to delete it manually. Tried Emsiclean but since the product is not installed, it can't do anything wither. How do I get rid of this registry key?






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Emsiclean doesn't look for this particular registry key. It's created by the Windows Security Center, and its presence probably means that there was some issue when the uninstaller tried to unregister Emsisoft Anti-Malware from Security Center monitoring.

I would believe that FRST can remove registered Anti-Virus providers, however you can also try reinstalling Emsisoft Anti-Malware and uninstalling it (optionally you can disable the "Windows Security Center integration" in the advanced settings in EAM before uninstalling again).

If you would rather try it with FRST, then you can find instructions for downloading and running FRST at the following link:

Note: When FRST checks the Windows Firewall settings, Emsisoft Anti-Malware's Behavior Blocker will quarantine it automatically. This can be avoided by clicking "Wait, I think this is safe" in the notification that is displayed while FRST is scanning.

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It's possible that the Windows Security Center doesn't delete those registry entries. I know there are some entries created by Windows that don't get deleted when you uninstall software, however I don't have a list of all of them, so someone from Microsoft might have to explain the functionality there.

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