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Need Help with my files

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Need Help with my files were encrypted by a ransomware, and the decryptor does not work.

show me error 

File: F:\Infectado con RansomWare nbes\Archivos de Walter\Fotos y Videos\Familiares\Ordenar Mes 04 y  05 - 2019\YAAS7631.JPG.nbes
Error: Unable to decrypt file with ID: M7UAHvWA4vVlRadNepOPssG3Ml1t212etPdUPiTd

Is there any way to decrypt them?


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Hello @wpuerta,


Welcome to the Emsisoft Support Forums.


The ID you supplied is an online ID, meaning that the files cannot be decrypted.  An online ID means that your encryption key was generated and stored on a command & control server under the control of the ransomware gang responsible for encrypting your files.

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