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Windows: "Windows Defender Antivirus and Emsisoft Anti-Malware is disabled"

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It depends.  It is normal if EAM is doing a restart.  That could happen if an update contains not just newer signatures, but also a revised program to use those new signatures.

Sometimes restarts are very quick and I don't see those warnings.  Sometimes they take a few seconds longer and I do.  I don't know if Windows continuously monitors the state of Defender/EAM etc, or only checks (eg) every minute.  If it makes intermittent checks only restarts that start just before, and end just after, a check would cause the warning.


Having said that... EAM here just did an automatic restart.... but in Settings - Updates, I do not have "Automatic restart" enabled and was not expecting it to do so.    I did have the EAM GUI open, partly-on, partly off-screen, covered up by other windows.  Suddenly it grabbed my attention - I think maybe it came to the top of the displayed windows and then got mostly-hidden again (because I clicked something in the window I was working on?).  Maybe it had just asked me if I wanted a restart done immediately?  But I did not see that question and did not consciously answer it.  I tried to click on the GUI's window frame (to bring it back and look closely to try to work out why it had suddenly appeared)... but it didn't react.  Probably the restart question was waiting for an answer but I couldn't see it.... which is worrying because it implies the question may have been centred on the GUI window (but offscreen) or under it (totally hidden).  I tried a few Alt - F (etc) keys to see if I could make the window react to me and while I was thinking about that the GUI window vanished completely.  Then it came back with the overview's coloured slabs red (ie no protection) then they turned green and the window was draggable again ...  and I realised an update had happened.   

I always have debug logging on, and will send those to @GT500

Later edit: I said originally that I had the Overview screen open; I've revised that to simply "GUI" because I think it might actually have been one of the Settings displays.  I'm not sure.

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There was an issue with reading the settings INI properly with EAM. Version 2020.2 addressed that bug.  However, it did not reset the "Start on Windows Startup" value.  This required a hotfix that was pushed a few hours ago that specifically addresses the startup bug.  That required EAM services to be restarted.  Once everything restarted properly EAM's status was properly detected and shows green.

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