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.bboo Stop Djvu New Strain

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My Name is Ali and I have recently been victimized by the newer strain of .bboo STOP Djvu Malware (Ransomware) whatever you want to call it.
Yes you are right, I was trying to install third part software on my computer when I was hit by it and within 2 many be 3 minutes all my files were encrypted by this Ransomware .bboo STOP Djvu Malware. 

I am submitting this files with the Ransom Note because I was unable to decrypt my files with your software as it is a new Stain. I hope this would help in sorting out the issue. 

Will be waiting anxiously for a solution if possible, as the files on my computer are very important and yes it is my mistake that I did not made any backup for these important files. :-(

Malware Files.zip

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Hello @Agha Ali,


Welcome to the Emsisoft Support Forums.


If our decryption tool states that the files cannot be decrypted, then they cannot be decrypted.


General Notes With Regards to STOP/DJVU


  1. If the decryption tool tells you the files cannot be decrypted, then they cannot be decrypted.  That is not an error message.
  2. If your file(s) have an Online ID that means that the file(s) encryption keys were generated and stored on a command & control server under the control of the ransomware gang responsible for encrypting your files.  We do not have access to those keys.
  3. If your files(s) have an Offline ID and were not decrypted it is because we do not have the corresponding decryption key in our database.  Do not ask us when we plan on adding it, because we do not have it or a way for generating your decryption key.
  4. Our database does include some Offline ID decryption keys for newer variants of the STOP/DJVU family of ransomware.  If the files were encrypted with an Offline ID that matches one of the decryption keys in our database, then our decryption tool will be able to decrypt those files that were encrypted using that key.
  5. New Variant STOP/DJVU utilizes the RSA encryption algorithm.  RSA is considered a secure encryption method and is unbreakable using current technologies.  It is not reversible, cannot be cracked, and we are not able to generate a decryption key.  So do not send us encrypted files thinking we can recover your decryption key, we can't.


Also, see https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/32045-about-the-stopdjvu-decrypter/ for more information on the STOP/DJVU decryption tool.

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