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Hello all! first post...

I'm not understanding something about the license scheme under one workspace in my cloud console. I have a client for whom we installed emsisoft a month or so back. Now we have added another device under the same workspace. The product (client) is installed and updated,  also reports that it is managed by said workspace. I used the 'add a device' feature from her workspace to download the installer. The device also shows up in the cloud console under the correct workspace with the status of 'protected'.

What I don't get is how to either add a seat to her existing license or add a second license for the second device. I would prefer to just add a seat but whatever works would be fine. I've attached a screen shot from the 'managed devices' area of the workspace in question.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

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In general:

Our licensing system allows you to install EAM on n devices even when its a 1 seat license.
During an update of the first device that updates,  EAM will map the license to it self, taking away the seat from the others, resulting in licence/mapping errors. EAM installed on the other devices will stop functioning.

You need to take care to have enough seats in a license. You can easily add seats in the Workspace settings /  License section: link: change license

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