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I got hacked what's next

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I was trying to download a program but instead I've downloaded trojans and malware from this link "http://installcdn.club/down/?q=SolidWorks2020SP0.1" less 5 min later I realized how stupid I was turn off the pc kaspersky rescue tool turn on avast restart unhackme restart avast restart kaspersky restart uninstall chrome shift delete chrome userdata kaspersky McAfee they cant find something now

but it wasnt a normal virus in the less than 5 min it had already installed 3 programs 1 of which couldn't delete it until I got unhackme put 4 programs in the start up all of these are gone but does this means it's over or I may still be hacked?

is there any possibility that the virus have went to the bias motherboard or the video card?


1 more thing my chrome itself got infected in this in the 3rd time running kaspersky rescue tool Ive found something in the chrome/userdata/default and that's why Ive uninstall it and deleted the data file what will happen if I reinstall it or even use it from another pc can my chrome account be infected and give access to that virus?


question may seem stupid but can I get infected again just from opening the website when I was getting the link provided above?!

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 I've fresh install windows but didn't wipe out the whole drive and shred everything just normal format

is there any possibility when I sign again in my microsoft account which I didn't do yet the virus will have access again bc I know it was rootkit and trojan 

+ in kaspersky rescue tool before, I saw infection in chrome/userdata/default which made me uninstall chrome and delete the whole file and change my google password but is there any possibility the virus become in my chrome so whenever I sign in it will get back

Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_200217-022558.txt

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