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using ECC With Two Licences


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Can anyone advise me on a couple of questions on licensing please?


We have two licences.  One is for three seats and covers our server and has two seats unused.  The other is for 27 workstation seats.


I had been under the impression that I could create two workspaces, assigning one of the licences to one workspace and the other licence to the other workspace.  I could then apply the appropriate installation token to the existing EAM installations to assign one licence or the other.  This does not seem to work however, and ALL my devices, 28 in number, except the server have placed themselves under the first (27 seat) licence.  This has resulted in that licence being oversubscribed.  When I try to fix this by removing a device it just pops back in again as a ‘Not Managed’ device.  The server cannot be seen at all.


Also, when I go to 'Workspace Settings' – 'Licence' there is no option to change the seat count by removing or purchasing additional seats.


Am I doing something wrong?  What do I need to do?


FYI - I was offered a merge of the licences to manage all under one licence but the boss wouldn't go for it as the cost of so doing was greater than two distinct licences.



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I found another strangeness and am posting it in case it has any bearing.


This is a capture of part of the 'Managed Devices' page.


As you can see, there are 29 devices (correct), Protected 21 (correct), offline 8 (correct), Unused seat 1.  This last is NOT correct, there are 28 seats available so this should show -1 UNLESS the three seats from the other licence, which has used only one seat is taken into account which would add 2 to the available count and make the Unused count 1.  Is this how it works?

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