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Help me from .alka new variant online id

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2 hours ago, abdi said:

why i cant access the comandline ? i;ve already use the step but always denied

Are you running it from an account with administrative rights? Did you run the Command Prompt as admin?

If the answer to both is "yes", then try the following command to run a Malware Scan:

a2cmd.exe /malware /pup

Be sure to run an update before scanning by using the following command:

a2cmd.exe /u


BTW: Your screenshot shows you're trying to run the 32-bit version of a2cmd.exe, which will only work on a 32-bit edition of Windows. If you have a 64-bit edition of Windows, or aren't sure which you have, then run the version of a2cmd.exe from C:\EEK\bin64 instead.

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