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my files are encrypted with .rezm extension

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Click HOT-STOP to check version >>

.rezm - v0211 of STOP Ransomware

A decryptor will work when the decryption key for rezm-variant is detected.

Information about the list of extensions of Gero group (RSA) of STOP Ransomware:
.gero, .hese, .geno, .xoza*, .seto, .peta, .moka, .meds, .kvag, .domn, .karl, .nesa, .boot*, .noos, .kuub, .reco, .bora, .leto*, .nols, .werd, .coot, .derp, .nakw*, .meka, .toec*, .mosk, .lokf*, .peet, .grod*, .mbed, .kodg, .zobm, .rote*, .msop, .hets, .righ, .gesd*, .merl*, .mkos, .nbes, .piny*, .redl*, .kodc*, .nosu*, .reha, .topi, .npsg*, .btos*, .repp, .alka, .bboo*, .rooe*, .mmnn*, .ooss*, .mool*, .nppp, .rezm*, .lokd*, .foop*, .remk*

The * sign indicates that the decryption key has not yet been received.

You need to wait until the developers receive the decryption key.

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It is equally important to check the PC for the presence of malware, they can still remain in the system.

If the ransomware re-encrypts files using an online key, then it will be impossible to decrypt them.

You may use Emsisoft Anti-Malware https://www.emsisoft.com/en/home/antimalware/#anti-ransomware

Later then attach the report here.


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