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Mobile only has Google login option but I registered via a non Google acc??

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Beware people, I paid for 2 products, pc and mobile security and registered via my Tutanota email account. However, the mobile security app limits you to login using only a Gmail account. Who came up with this brilliant idea? That's like saying lets limit our potential income by limiting potential clients who use a different email provider. I understand many use Gmail as thier primary email, however, a good business model is that which tries to capture all clientele. I see no point in this limitation other than the fact most android users use Gmail, which is false. There a millions of people out there looking for Google alternatives.

Edit: Waste of money and will try requesting a refund due to a silly little limitation. Disappointed.

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Android itself is made by Google, so it may be a bit difficult to find Google alternatives while using an Android phone. Still, I understand that some don't want to have a Google account at all. I've replied to your other post as well so you can pursue a refund.

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