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Does the mobile application web protection do HTTPS inspection?


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Hi there, 


I just installed EmiSoft mobile security and it wants me to enable Web protection. I was wondering how is this done? 2 questions:

1. does it install it's own certificates and do HTTPS interception and inspection?

2. Does it send URLS I visit over the internet to a server maintained by EMISoft or is it just comparing URLs typed in to a local list of "bad" URLS included in the SW on the phone?

I'm pretty security conscious and I'm interested if my privacy is being maintained while it's providing protection. 

Thanks in advance.

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On 3/31/2020 at 3:10 AM, David Biggar said:

Hello KaiFrost,

While I can say we don't collect or store surfing habit information at Emsisoft, I'd like to get better answers to your questions. I'll reply again soon, when I have them.

Was there an outcome to this? 

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I'm sorry I let the response slip through the cracks!

  1. We do not install a certificate for web protection. We make use of the accessibility permission setting in Android, which is why Emsisoft Mobile Security asks for permissions during initial install, to check website addresses as you access them.
  2. The application is entirely cloud based, with no antimalware signatures or lists of URLs stored locally. The URLs are sent to be checked, but are not stored unless deemed malicious. URLs found as malicious are stored only for the purpose of displaying them in your central.emsisoft.com account notifications, and they are deleted if you delete the notifications.

Let me know if you have other questions!

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