Fawad Afzal

Attacked by Phobos Ransomware .ADAME file extension

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Hi Guys,

Few months back i have been attacked by hacker and he encrypted all of my data with the file extension .ADAME. I have attached the file with this i know i have talked to the support about the encryption and they told me that it will take some time. I was not able to find the ransom note so i just have the files and the email which he puts in the file name. You all guys are doing a great job but please help me to have my data back.

You guys are now my only hope. Wish you best of luck for this noble cause.


00a96d35bed4fe2aa5973de5fc051ef5.jpg.id[1034A225-2275].[[email protected]].Adame

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Unfortunately it's not possible to decrypt files that have been encrypted by Phobos.

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