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This afternoon, I installed the new Window's Updates (Windows 7 Professional). After that (not sure if right after), Online Armor started using 100% of CPU. I attempted to close the program (right click on icon in start-up lower right bar and shut down). The icon disappeared but OA did not shut down. I attempted to end the OA processes from the Windows Task Manager (oaui.exe and oasrv.exe). It would not allow me to end the processes. I received an email saying the attempt was disallowed. Finally, after waiting over a half hour, I forced windows to close. I received a message saying OA would not allow Windows to close. Do you still want the computer to shut down? I said yes. The computer shut down.

When I restarted the computer, memory crashed. I restarted in safe mode, and Windows produced a message saying updates did not install successfully. The computer then restarted normally. OA produced a dump report. It is attached. Currently, I am getting a message from the start-up area: Automatic Update: OA: unknown installation.

OA produced a dump report. It is attached.

Id: 39362

Name: 011211-53390-01.DMP


Result: Submitted successfully

What do I do? What was the source of the crash? Should I uninstall and reinstall?

Online Armor+ (paid version)

My version:

Windows Updates that failed to install:

Security Update for Windows 7 KB2419640

Update for Windows 7 KB2454826

Windows Malicious Software Removoal Tool Jan 2011 KB890830

My computer : IBM Lenovo Thinkpad R52

As a side note: In the last couple of days, I have had frequent pop up OA warnings of a net network. Should I trust? This has happened despite the fact I just use one network at work and one network at home. This has never happened before in my 2 years using Online Armor+ version. Why is this happening?

Please help. thank you

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Confirmed that there is a conflict with that particular Windows 7 (32-bit) update.

In my case, something (OA?) prevented 'Security Update for Windows 7 KB2419640' from installing. It had to be aborted halfway through because the update dialogue hung. The computer rebooted automatically to install the other 2 updates that were downloaded, and Windows 7 would not boot again, at all.

It was very nasty - repair mode and safe mode wouldn't work either, and I think also saw the disk thrashing 100% CPU symptom mentioned above. I just spent 3 hours trying to get access to a desktop which was functional long enough to uninstall OA.

As soon as I managed to uninstall OA, Windows booted normally and I was able complete the Windows updates. I am now wondering whether it is time to check out other firewalls - I've gone off OA in the last few months, and this could be the final straw. I want to love OA, but it keeps letting me down.

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Well, it appears that OA is admonished in this instance; purely Microsoft's fault.

However, I did use the opportunity to look at some of the other leading firewalls, and

eventually decided that OA is still the one most suited to me. Despite its small flaws

and annoyances, it's not quite as annoying as the others!

Just to add, once the update was properly installed, reinstalling OA causes no problems.

There was only a conflict whilst the update was actually installing.

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