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Is the Online Armor firewall failing (being bypassed)?


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Even though a program is blocked, the Firewall Status will still show it Connecting... and then upload some data. Is the firewall failing to stop the data?

I have been told that the information may not actually be leaving the computer, but if that is the case, then I think that saying that some data has been "Uploaded" is misleading. I would still like some confirmation from the developers on this.

Just as important is that Online Armor seems to be "losing" some data (or maybe it is bypassing the firewall).

The "Inbound Data" is often much higher than the sum total of the "Down Speed" of whatever programs are currently downloading. Where is this extra data coming from/going to? Also, (and this would seem to be related, although obviously I can't be certain) the sum total of the "Downloaded" column is actually much less than has been downloaded. Online Armor has seemingly "lost" or simply "missed" most of the data that has been downloaded (having checked, the "Uploaded" column has the same problem).

I am currently using Online Armor Premium in the trial phase and I would like to buy this software, but obviously there is absolutely no point if it isn't actually working. Could someone please help me to get Online Armor working?

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