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Crash in emsi real time protection

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I'm currently trialing the business edition.

I'm running version Business Security 2020.5.0.10149.

This morning I was installing Syncfusion Essential Studio for WPF (full download, not the web installer).

The installer was generating a lot of "this might be suspicious behavior" false positives (which I was clicking away through "wait, I think this is safe").

Then suddenly the following happened (possibly also leading to an incomplete or corrupt installation?).

I shut down the protection because the below kept popping up (the dialog does not disappear after a single OK).


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The dialog in the screenshot above seemed to be popping up in a loop (I clicked OK, it came back right away).

After some 5 times or so (of clicking OK), I shut down the protection to get rid of it. I did not see a crash dialog allowing me to submit a report.


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