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New Ransomeware infected files with .COVM extention, Enable to decrypt files, Please Help

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Hello! 3 days ago there is a Ransomware attack happen on my PC not just on my There are lot more people complaing about this on youtube and on other social media platform and that virus turned all files in .COVM extention and now those are unaccessible! Some how I managed to throw out the virus from my PC Now no new files are encypting! But when I try to to decrypt those files with EMISOFT decyption tool It saying ( This ID appers to be offline ID, Currently decryption is not available but may be in future we can) And I trust you for this I know your the only who can save us from this! Please help!!

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We don't yet have the private key for this variant of STOP/Djvu's offline ID. I recommend running the decrypter once every week or two so that you can see when we've been able to add the private key for your variant.

There is more information at the following link:

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