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Are there any obvious file extensions appended to your encrypted data files? If so, what is the extension and is it the same for each encrypted file or is it different? Is there an ID number with random hexadecimal characters (.id-A04EBFC2, .id[4D21EF37-2214]) or an ID number with an email address (.id-BCBEF350.[<email>], .id[7A9B748C-1104].[<email>]) preceding the extension?

Did you find any ransom notes? If so, what is the actual name of the ransom note?
Can you provide (copy & paste) the ransom note contents in your next reply?

You can also submit (upload) samples of encrypted files, ransom notes and any contact email addresses or hyperlinks provided by the malware developer to ID Ransomware (IDR) for assistance with identification and confirmation of the infection.

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