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1 hour ago, Frank H said:

it would be be hard to buy something via an online shop then :P

Everything is bought online, as I can't go to shops.  I've changed what I buy to make things as safe as I can.  More tinned food etc, as it can sit untouched for weeks.  Much less fresh food as it has to be refrigerated or frozen for storage (but virus on refrigerated things is viable for a while*, and freezing doesn't 'kill' it either so it's just as potentially dangerous when dug out of a freezer as when it went in, as far as I know**).  No fruit/veg unless it'll be cooked.  There's a few items (eg milk) that are definitely a problem; I more or less trust the milk itself (packaged industrially) but when it comes I normally freeze it immediately, deferring the worry of getting at the milk itself until I'm alert days/weeks later.   Stuff in tins, bottles etc gets put aside for several weeks.  Parcels etc are put to one side.  Most letters too.  If one arrives that I can tell needs immediate attention, I'll carefully get the letter out of the envelope (& throw that out) and into a transparent A4 polypocket so it can be handled safely, but everything else waits.  If I accidentally touch my clothes with a possibly infected item or hand, the whole lot goes in the washing machine.  I also do sorting (of eg arriving grocery orders) outside the house (because it all arrives jumbled up and I need eg to get all the tins together).   Paranoid?  Maybe, but I've been ill for more than 20 years and while life is not great, I'd prefer to stay alive.

* - I'm sure I read somewhere that to maximise viability of swab samples taken from possibly infected people, those samples are transferred to labs at the sorts of temperatures that domestic refrigerators run at.  At   https://covid19.nj.gov/faqs/coronavirus-information/about-novel-coronavirus-2019/will-the-coronavirus-survive-in-the-refrigerator-or-freezer-u21gz2n7br it says "... at 4 degrees C, or 40 degrees F, and 20% relative humidity, more than two thirds of the viruses survived for 28 days".

** - don't virology labs store virus samples frozen for future research?

(Sorry for dragging things off-topic.)

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