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Third Party DNS with Filter- Redundant?

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I was reviewing this thread from a couple years back.

Basically, I am wondering if I should use a third-party DNS service with filtering, such as OpenDNS. Would this be pointless if I am also using Emsisoft? I believe Emsisoft filters malicious domains by monitoring DNS requests from the PC, anyway. Thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

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It isn't necessary to use a third party DNS service, however some browsers these daysmay use their own DNS service rather than the on configured in Windows.

Also note that I have heard claims that OpenDNS sells data about what sites users of their DNS service visit, so be sure to pick a DNS service you know you can trust.

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You better check this two instead. NextDNS is amazing, Adguard DNS is great as well.

NextDNS is like pihole without requiring a pihole. You can configure it to block ads, trackers, malicious, phishing domains, adult sites, safe sites, manually blocking particular sites, etc tons of customization. It's free for 300,000 queries per month and $2 per month for unlimited. 300,000 plenty for a single user.


Adguard DNS is great but don't let you configure. Blocks, ads, trackers, malicious, phishing sites and also have a family protection service if you prefer that.



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