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Can you make, please .maas ransomware decryptor/decrypted tool, Emsisoft?!

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Dear Emsisoft, hello there.

(hope, these message found you in your good health and good people around you).


my name is Ivan.
my work & personal computer is infected whit:  .Mass ransomeware virus/malware/adware


just want to please you, begin' you, ask.. 
Can you help please, Emsisoft?

can you make:   .maas ransomware decryptor/decrypted tool, Emsisoft, please?!   Please!?

please!  :(

Help, please  :(

whole Life, whole work, whole documents, whole pictures, even and My Family, our life's, lifes of children, whole everything we done, depends becouse of that decripting tool!!   everything is gone and locked

can you help and make that tool please?!  :(


(in  _Readme.txt  file existing some information - like "personal ID":

personal ID:

..maybe that's ID, that information helps in making decriped tool... really don't know.  :(

can you help and make that tool please?!  :(


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