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Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID

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For the 'Old Variant', you need to find and upload to this service the encrypted original copy of the file and its encrypted version.
If you find an exact copy, the 'STOP Djvu Decryption' will be able to decrypt this file and all others of the same type (for example, .jpg) that are of this or smaller size. For files with a larger size, you need to find the largest file of this type, otherwise the file will not be decrypted completely.

The same procedure must be performed for all other types of files - .png, .doc, .docx, .txt, .db and etc.

Try it, it is not very difficult, but this is the only way to return the files to you.

Here is a sample list where you can find the originals of the encrypted files (from my article):

1 ) on flash drives, external drives, CD / DVD, memory cards of the camera, phone;

2 ) in attachments of emails sent or received by you;

3 ) among the copies of shared photos of friends, relatives (in their PC) that you gave;

4 ) among the uploaded photos in the social. networks, including via smartphone and tablet;

5 ) among the uploaded photos to cloud services (Google Disk,  OneDrive, Yandex Disk etc.);

6 ) among unencrypted files, copies, renamed files on your PC;

7 ) on an old PC or disk, from where you transferred photos and documents to a new PC;

8 ) you can re-upload from the Internet previously downloaded photos, pictures, etc .;

9 ) you can use sample images supplied with Windows;

10 ) use photos or pictures that you previously posted on the avatar or attached to messages on forums.

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On 7/11/2020 at 4:39 AM, Federal GSM said:

File: C:\Users\Mudasir hassan\Desktop\New folder\IMG_20161118_154704.jpg.kiratos
Unable to decrypt Old Variant ID: sqYBYDAS8qnun86cKTUZ5VmJc7kHcVltSMxNhILt

You need to upload file pairs via our online submission form so that the decrypter can be "trained" how to decrypt your files. There is more information at the following link:

@Amigo-A has a list of places you can find file pairs in his second post if you need some suggestion of where to look for original unencrypted copies of files.

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