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Switch from Stable to Delayed Feed: Connection to ECC lost

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Yesterday I  wanted to switch our company network's EAM update feed from the stable feed (2020.07) back to the delayed feed (2020.05) using the policy settings in ECC.

After the switch, the clients correctly switched back from 2020.07 to 2020.05. But the connection to ECC was immediately lost on al 2020.05 clients, with the remote management GUI section in settings showing "connection to ECC lost" and a reconnection timer. Waiting through several reconnection attempts did not help, neither did a reboot or triggering subsequent manual updates.

I then tried switching  ECC back to the stable feed. After triggering a manual update on the clients, 2020.07 was installed again and the connection to ECC was immediately restored.

I tried this procedure several times to verify that it could be reproduced consistently. Switching from stable to delayed causes EAM to lose its connection to ECC, switching back from delayed to stable restores the connection.

Now my question: Did you guys change something in 2020.06 / 2020.07  that prevents a switchback to 2020.05 (i.e. that would cause the ECC connection to drop when switching back) ?







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