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Files in My PC got affected with .help virus and i cant open the files. File names changed and have .help extension.
It looks like below
File format- FileName.file[F0C2A07A-2275].[[email protected]].help
for example >>
Original FIle Name :  IMG_0112.JPG
After attack :[F0C2A07A-2275].[[email protected]].help
Appreciate your help to recover files. I lost  old memories of Family photographs & some documents due to this
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This appears to be Phonos. If that's the case, note that there's no way to decrypt files that have been encrypted by Phobos without paying the ransom.

You can verify this at ID Ransomware:

You can paste a link to the results into a reply if you would like for me to review them.

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Yes, this is the result of Phobos Ransomware attack. The variant with this address has been known since March 2020.

Until now, none of the decryption specialists and anti-virus labs have reported that they are close to decryption. 
Therefore, if someone on the Internet offers you a decryption, then it will certainly be another scammer.

First let us know and we will check their "super-capabilities".

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