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Any hope for Maas extension Or new STOP/DJVU with online ID

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I'm still looking for an active solution for new Stop / djvu virus
Every day , I visit Emsisoft site to find any new decrypting tool for ( Maas ) extension
this is the my third topic I sent because you are the only hope I have
please use all your knowledge , experience , experts and efforts to find any way to get my data back
I think , Unfortunately , as long as all new ransom viruses which use AES encryption with online id , there is no hope to get my data back unless law enforcement arrest those criminals or gain access to their server because they own the unique decryption key , therefor , all decrypting tool available curently are useless and hopeless .
All ransomwares that hit computers since Augest 2019 use this complex type of encryptiob and Most people are affected by this type of developed ransomware .
We all agree Not to pay the ransom and contact the hackers , that's right . and we must not encourage criminals and give them hope that their job is effective . but in Another hands there is NO solution or effective tool to deal with this type of encryption .
I use all recovery data software but my recovered data are corrupted and damaged ( it seems that this ransomware delete and overwrite the original files after encryption so that it can't be recovered succesfully )
I really hope you will be able to find any way to deal with this issue
I put all my trust in you and certain that you will find a way in the end .
My personal online id  is
Belongs to New Variant online ID ( stop / DJVU )
Encrypted file extension : ( *.MAAS )
E-mail of criminals who attacked my PC
Looking forward hearing from you
Best regards

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Newer variants of the STOP/Djvu ransomware use RSA keys, which are impervious to most forms of attack. It's rare to find a vulnerability in a ransomware's implementation of whatever encryption it uses, and this ransomware has been analyzed pretty thoroughly, so without private keys there's nothing we can do.

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