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What is the client PC's screen resolution?


As an aside, that specific notification seems to be the same as one that's been discussed in another thread, where no-one as yet is sure why the file has been downloaded.  If you're interested that discussion is at: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/33817-i-marked-wait-i-think-its-safe-when-it-wasnt/


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Do you know what version of Emsisoft Business Security is installed on the system?

Also, from the screenshot it appears to be Windows 10. Is that correct? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

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In the short term, the customer could change Settings - Notifications - Notifications Location  to "Right center" or "Right top".    

I use "Right center" as the location (which the help file says is the default one).  It looks as if the code that displays the notification doesn't properly take into account the pane's necessary depth (for both the ".... following program" and filepath parts of the message (though surely the latter could wrap onto several lines), and is possibly positioning the top of the notification pane at a fixed location rather than (bottom of screen) - (depth of taskbar) - (depth of pane).

Or maybe it assumes the taskbar will auto-hide, but auto-hide isn't happening?   Here (on Win 8.1) it won't hide if some other program wants my attention and that program is only represented by a miniature taskbar icon - and it's a constant annoyance because one has to deal with all the possible culprits to get the hide to happen.

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We spent some time trying to reproduce this, and were not able to. Are any non-default settings in use on the workstations this is happening on?

Settings that have been changed from default in the Emsisoft Business Security settings will have a vertical blue bar to the left, like the update feed setting in the following screenshot:


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