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Descryption tool can't decrypt large files encrypted by STOP djvu(.djvur)

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I could decrypt small files such as .JPEGs thanks to the EMSISOFT ransomware decryptor (I really appreciate it)

but have a problem when decrypting too big files.

For more details,

Using a original copy of one small encrypted .WMVs, decryption tool had no problem with decrypting my other small encrypted .WMVs.

However, this tool couldn't decrypt too large(over 4GB size) encrypted .wmvs and ignored them.

I think I've seen someone on the internet wrote about decryptor not being able to decrypt files of over 4GB size.

In that case, I assume that this ransomware made the large files unrecoverable not encrypted them.

Since I've never read the official article about this, I wanted to confirm this.

Would it be logically impossible to recover them?

It's sad but I'm considering erasing all my encrypted large size files.

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I'm not aware of a size limit, however I have asked the developer who made the decrypter about this to confirm.

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The answer is there's no file size limit.

Are you using version of the decrypter?

Also, the decrypter skips any files that don't have a specific filemarker, so if the ransomware (or something else) messed up that filemarker then that could explain it as well. We'd need copies of the files that can't be decrypted to know for sure. Send us one or two of them via a file sharing service if you can. Download links can be sent to be via private message.

We'll also need to know what ID the file you submitted as a file pair for WMV files had. Either that or send us the encrypted WMV file you used for your file pair as well so that we can compare them.

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