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My son was playing xbox and someone on there got mad about something and told my son he would disconnect my internet.My son gave him no info but the person new what city we were in?My internet was soon shutdown all together for about a half hr or so.I rebooted my modem several times until it finally came back online.Is this possible that someone could even do this?

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The short answer here is "no" (if no information was shared). It will depend on what they were playing on xBox, but it is possible for someone in a multiplayer game to see the IP address of other players. A simple lookup of that address will show your location. That is not an exact address, but just a general indicator (city/state). 

However that information does not give anyone the possibility to manipulate your internet access. Access is managed by your ISP, so if your internet was not working it probably was a coincidence. You could contact your ISP to see if they have any information about a possible outage.

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It was a multi player game(a group of them,also a couple people my son plays online with had the same thing happen with that person.Someone said they think it was a ddos attack that could shut down out internet?There was no outage at that time.

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6 hours ago, brihy1 said:

Someone said they think it was a ddos attack that could shut down out internet?

A DDoS attack overloads the target's Internet will a large amount of garbage data from multiple sources. The only information someone needs about you is your IP address, which some games (especially games designed for consoles that use peer-to-peer communications rather than dedicated servers) could potentially allow someone with the proper technical knowledge to obtain.

If it happens again, then you may need to contact your ISP's technical support and see if it really is a DDoS attack. They should be able to monitor for that and mitigate it.

If it happens on a regular basis, then your son may need to game over a VPN in order to allow him to change his IP address when necessary. Doing so tends to increase latency, but also allows for gaming using the VPN service provider's IP address rather than you own, and allows for switching the IP address when needed. I do not know if there are any VPN services for the Xbox, however there are some routers that have VPN configuration support and anything connected to them will go over the VPN.

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