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Emsisoft and Defender turned off (?)


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At boot I always get the below Windows notification 
Check virus protection
Windows Defender Antivirus and Emsisoft
Anti-Malware are both turned off. Tap or click
to see installed antivirus apps

Normally I don't pay attention to it, as one or two minutes later both are turned on anyway.

Today, however, they both remained turned off and even the Emsisoft 'Fix now' would not work.
I needed to reboot my PC to get both running again.
(Of course first with the above warning)

Log file shows:
Shutdown at 18:21
PC Boot at 06:12
Reboot at 09:44
(see below)

Emsisoft Anti-Malware v2020.9.0.10390
Windows 10 x64 1909 (18363.836)

Probably this is just a one-off thing, but I report it anyway.



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It's possible that something may have prevented an update from installing properly, requiring an extra restart to finish the process. Unfortunately for us to know for certain, Emsisoft Anti-Malware would have needed to be saving debug logs at the time the issue happened, and it doesn't do this by default.

If the issue happens again, then let us know. If it keeps reoccurring then we should be able to get debug logs.

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