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Emsisoft Decryptor for JSWorm 4.0

As I said above, you need wait the decryption Emsisoft specialist to check your files for decryption.
The Emsisoft Decryptor was made for version 4.0.2, and you have 4.0.3.
It doesn't look like a new version, most likely you have an old version as well. This needs adjustment.

In different versions, the encryption changes, if at first it was possible to decrypt the files, then after small changes, decryption may not be possible. But do not despair, you need to be patient. Decrypting without the original encryption key is a laborious process.

Wait for a response from an Emsisoft representative, he will coordinate the information with the file decryption specialist who created the decryptor. 

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12 hours ago, radansya said:

so i can't descrypt my file ?

We've found a minor difference in the ransomware from what we've seen previously that effected brute forcing the key, however we were able to do it manually. Use this key file along with the decrypter (put them in the same folder and run the decrypter):


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